Southport - Oak Island
Serving the Children of the World
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In order to carry out all the projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Big Toy Day Committee-2016 Display of "big toys" (equipment) and activities for children including plane rides.
Board of Directors Board members for 2016-2017
Golf Tournament Annual golf tournament
JMM - Royal Readers Volunteers Volunteers have students read to them.
SES - Royal Readers Volunteers Meet with first grade students to let them read to them. Every Thursday during the school year from 8:50am (sign-in) to 9:45am.
Spring Festival - 2017 Spring Festival is held annually, and is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Southport-Oak Island and Downtown Southport, Inc. (DSI). Held each year on the Friday and Saturday of Easter weekend, the festival includes crafters, food vendors, musical entertainment and activities for the children and families.
Teen Court An alternative system of justice for 1st time offenders aged 15-18. Defendants must accept responsibility for their misconduct by pleading guilty to the charges prior to going before a jury of their peers (9-12th graders). Kiwanis members participate as jury monitors and by assisting student defenders and prosecutors.
VW - Royal Readers Volunteer Volunteers have students read to them. First graders.